TweakNow SecureDelete 1.0
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TweakNow SecureDelete 1.0

Free TweakNow SecureDelete is a secure erase utility for Windows
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TweakNow SecureDelete is a secure erase utility for Windows. It allows you to delete files in a way that they won't be recoverable by data forensic tools. When you delete a file and send it to the Recycle Bin and then empty it, you can still recover the file, because only the logical data gets deleted. The actual data remains on your hard drive until it is overwritten. SecureDelete uses different algorithms to write junk data on top of the data of the file that you want to delete so that anyone trying to recover the file will fail.

TweakNow SecureDelete employs three different secure erase modes. The first one allows you to erase files and folders on your system. The second mode erases the content of the Recycle Bin so that it can't be recovered, and the third mode cleans your paging file. This paging file is a part of your drive that Windows uses as RAM, but it doesn't get deleted when you shut down your computer. And it can be used to compromise your privacy. Thus, deleting it is a good idea, and that's what TweakNow SecureDelete does.

In my testing, I was able to prevent other applications from recovering my files using the simplest of the erasing algorithms. For added security, you can use the more complex algorithms; just to be sure.

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